States (04/28/2019)

2nd place...headed to Nationals!!!

Photo credits: Alisa Z, Alyson L, Sankalp A, Julanna Z, Matthew C


Event Awards

Anatomy & Physiology - 1st place

Astronomy - 4th place

Boomilever - 4th place

Chemistry Lab - 1st place

Circuit Lab -2nd place

Code Busters - 2nd place

Designer Genes - 2nd place

Disease Detectives - 1st place

Dynamic Planet - 2nd place

Experimental Design - 3rd place

Fermi Questions - 1st place

Forensics - 1st place

Fossils - 3rd place

Mission Possible - 4th place

Protein Modeling - 1st place

Sounds of Music - 1st place

Thermodynamics - 1st place

Water Quality - 4th place

Wright Stuff - 4th place

Fun Snapshots

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